6 Snow Plow Safety Tips

Snow plow safety is a priority here in New Hampshire, given the significant amount of snowfall that must be cleared from the roads each winter. Even for the experienced driver, safely maneuvering a snow plow vehicle is a challenging job. If you are plowing this winter, use the following snow plow safety tips from MMG Insurance to keep yourself and everyone else on the roads safe this winter:

  • snow plow safety tipsGet adequate sleep – many times a snow plow operator must be ready to get started without much notice. Getting adequate sleep plays an essential role in safe vehicle operation.
  • Understand all necessary operating procedures – make certain that you understand how each portion of the plowing equipment operates; always check to be sure all lights and signals are operating correctly before plowing.
  • Keep the salt spreading machinery clean – to properly dispense road salt and sand materials, as well as to lengthen the life of your equipment, keep the salt spreader and other machinery clean and free of obstructions.
  • Perform a head check – although side and rear-view mirrors supply some visual assistance, it’s best to turn around and look out the side or rear window when making lane changes, executing a turn, or backing up.
  • Acquaint yourself with your surroundings in advance – familiarizing yourself with the grounds before the snow accumulates helps you ensure that you plow the proper areas, limiting unintended damage to property and/or landscaping on the premises.
  • Plow during low traffic hours – if conditions permit, it’s safest to operate a snow plow vehicle when there is little to no traffic.

When high winds, low visibility, white-out conditions and changing precipitations are expected, the dangerous job of operating a snow plow becomes even more challenging. Keeping these snow plow safety tips in mind while you’re out clearing the roads will create a safer environment for everyone.

In addition to keeping safety in mind at all times, if you operate or plan to operate a snow plow vehicle, it’s essential to ensure that you have coverage. To learn more about snow plow insurance or to get a free quote, please call us today at 603-464-3422 or click here to submit our online quote request form.

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