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Affordable & Flexible New Hampshire Boat Insurance Coverage

Regardless of whether you have years of boating experience or recently purchased a boat and are still testing your skills on the seas, it’s essential to ensure that your boat is covered with New Hampshire boat insurance. Many boat owners have made a significant investment in their boat, and it’s important to ensure that this investment remains protected, especially in the event of an accident on the water. Although boat insurance coverage varies from one insurance company to another, a standard New Hampshire boat insurance policy will provide you with the following types of coverage:

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  • Property Damage – Boating accidents may not occur as often as auto accidents, but the property damage to your watercraft that can result from a collision can be considerable. Securing boat insurance will protect your boat against property damage, helping you finance costly boat repairs in the event of an accident.
  • Liability – In the event you are deemed responsible for a boating accident, will you have coverage? With a boat insurance policy in place, the answer is yes. A typical NH boat policy provides liability insurance, which proves crucial in protecting yourself in an increasingly litigious society.
  • Medical Payments – Your boat insurance policy will also provide you with coverage in the unfortunate event that you sustain injuries from a boating accident that require medical attention. Considering that the cost of medical care can add up quickly, it’s important to have this type of coverage in place before taking your boat out on the water.

At Knapton, Reade & Woods in Hillsborough, NH, we will work with you to find New Hampshire boat insurance coverage that is flexible, affordable, and suits your specific needs. As independent agents, we will take the time to assess your situation, help you choose appropriate deductibles and limits, and determine the boat insurance discounts for which you qualify.

In addition to providing boat insurance in Hillsboro NH, we are pleased to serve the surrounding communities, offering boat insurance in Weare, Hopkinton, Henniker, Deering, Bennington, Washington, Windsor, Antrim, and all of New Hampshire. To get a free New Hampshire boat insurance quote, please call us at 603-464-3422 or submit our online quote request form.

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