3 Ways to Save Money on Vacation Home Insurance

Your dream vacation home is or will soon be yours – what an exciting time in your life! However, amidst all the excitement, it’s important to learn about insurance and understand that if your home is near a body of water or not inhabited year round, it’s more at risk of damage, flooding, theft and fire.

Vacation home insurance will shield your dream home from potential nightmares, and provide you with peace of mind, but because of the aforementioned greater risks, it may come at a greater cost. To help you cut vacation home insurance costs, we’ve put together these three tips:

  1. vacation home insuranceSafety first.Fire-resistant roofs on vacation homes in areas prone to wildfires, as well as security systems capable of alerting authorities in the event of incidents, could help lower your rates.
  2. Discover the inside scoop.Types of vacation homes that should cost less to insure, to name two, are those in gated communities and newer vacation homes that have been constructed under stricter building codes.
  3. Get in on the discounts. Taking extra home-protection precautions can significantly lower your vacation home insurance premiums. Qualifying vacation-home improvements vary by location; for instance, in coastal areas, these improvements may involve adding hurricane protections such as wind-resistant roof shingles and garage doors, roof straps, impact-resistant glass, extra door hinges, and deadbolts. As independent insurance agents, we will take the time to analyze your vacation home’s exposures to help you determine which improvements would be the most beneficial and worthwhile to make.

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